Whimsical Wedding at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven, CT

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This blog post has been a long time coming!   With the start of 2016, I want to relive some of the wonderful weddings I had the honor of being part of in 2015.  And what better way to start it off then with featuring one of my favorite couples to work with!  These two were the sweetest, most charming guys with an incredibly fun and warm group of friends and family.  Their wedding was SUCH a blast and I’m so excited to finally share the photos of their big day at Lighthouse Point Park!

The wedding ceremony kicked off at Christ Church in New Haven and then guests were transported to the amazing Lighthouse Point Park (also in New Haven) for the wedding reception complete with cocktails, costumes and the infamous historical carousel, which guests enjoyed all night long!

From the couple in regards to working with This Modern Love Events;

“Martine is the BEST. We really cannot recommend her highly enough. I was initially skeptical of the wedding planner thing, but I have to say that every meeting we had with her she thought of something that we had not or suggested a fix to a problem that we never would have thought of. It was crucial to have her input throughout the process. Also, setting up meetings with her was a great way to keep ourselves on schedule. I almost feel like I need to have two reviews here though because, while her services were valuable during the long-term planning and in the months leading up to the wedding, her help in the last few weeks before the wedding and her day-of services were a whole other level of awesomeness.

She is like a machine! She kept track of so many details and was four steps ahead of everyone and everything. Our actual wedding day went off without any problems, and I really believe it was primarily due to Martine’s help and guidance on the day of. We were able to just sit back and experience the day. It’s like having a genie on hand that you can just ask to go deal with some problem that’s developing or some scheduling issue that has arisen. Really great stuff. I should add in all of this that Martine’s really a pleasure to work with. She’s not overbearing or crazy, even when she’s organizing and directing all this stuff. That being said, she was also willing to play bad cop with vendors when necessary, which I am thankful for because I am not super good at that. But with us, we always felt like she was on our team – or maybe a calm and wise coach for our team. We really highly recommend Martine for whatever wedding or event you need help with. She is the real deal.”

Photography by Studio Foto.

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03_Wedding Party-0181
03_Wedding Party-0192
04_Ceremony-0282 04_Ceremony-0296 04_Ceremony-0297 04_Ceremony-0303 06_Newlyweds-0379 06_Newlyweds-0412 07_Cocktail Hour-0449 07_Cocktail Hour-0466 07_Cocktail Hour-0485 07_Cocktail Hour-0502 08_More Newlyweds-0543 09_Friends Groups-0557 09_Friends Groups-0567 09_Friends Groups-0586 09_Friends Groups-0594 05_Family Groups-0328 05_Family Groups-0341 06_Newlyweds-0362 06_Newlyweds-0367 06_Newlyweds-0369
10_Toast and Dances-0684 10_Toast and Dances-0691 10_Toast and Dances-0740 10_Toast and Dances-0822

10_Toast and Dances-0830 10_Toast and Dances-0863 10_Toast and Dances-0873 11_Carousel-0911 11_Carousel-0928 11_Carousel-0936 11_Carousel-0963 11_Carousel-0980

12_Costume Dance-1001 12_Costume Dance-1008 12_Costume Dance-1017 12_Costume Dance-1020 12_Costume Dance-1024 12_Costume Dance-1026 12_Costume Dance-1035

12_Costume Dance-1038 12_Costume Dance-1053

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