Viva Las Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas!

Hey hive, I can’t believe my bachelorette party is this week!  My bridesmaids have put together a fabulous itinerary for a long weekend in my favorite place to party in the world–Las Vegas.  I was 17 the first time I went there (I was visiting some family in California and we took a 4 hour road trip to Vegas) and even though I couldn’t gamble or drink back then, I still had an amazing time.  I swore to myself that I would come back to Vegas for my 21st & 25th b-days and bachelorette party–and luckily I have some amazing friends who are making that last part a reality!  (Side note: I also ended up going to Vegas another time between my 21st and 25th, so this weekend will make it my 5th time there.  Yup, I’m obsessed.)

Viva Las Vegas! / Image via Local Eats

I know Sin City gets categorized as a place where debauchery and mayhem run free (The Hangover anyone?)  but what I also love about Vegas is all the other things that this city has to offer.  You can do whatever tickles your fancy at any moment–whether that’s partying, shopping, gambling, catching some amazing shows (like all the Cirque du Soleil ones), spas, dining at fabulous restaurants or just sight-seeing.  But this is going to be a short weekend so we are going to drink, eat and party the crap out of Vegas…hopefully minus any tigers in the bathroom.

There will be a total of 17 girls going (including me) consisting of my 7 bridesmaids, 5 cousins and 4 good friends.  We are staying at the Cosmopolitan which looks to be a pretty sweet hotel.

This Chandelier is actually a 3-story bar at the Cosmo / Image via Business Insider

I’ll end this post with some dress-up fun I had on Polyvore the other day–these are inspiration for the outfits I’ll be wearing. 

Vegas Night Out - Black Wedges

Vegas Night Out #2

Vegas Night Out #3

Anyone else having a destination bachelorette party?

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