This Modern Love: The Girls Get Primped

This Modern Love: The Girls Get Primped

After everyone had their robe on, the fantastic hair and makeup team from Kat et Lea Maquilleurs and Priska Coiffure came to the suite right on time for our 8:30am appointment.  I made sure to pack my portable speaker at home so I could play the getting-ready playlist I created.  Again, this was another one of those best.decision.ever. moments–we were all jammin’ out and singing throughout the morning.  Even the hair & makeup team were thoroughly enjoying the tunes!!

Since I had trouble sleeping the night before, I froze some cucumber slices and put them on my eyes hoping to reduce the slight puffiness (apparently this actually doesn’t work but it felt good anyway).

BM Ang took this picture–my arms are bent because I was couch-dancing to whatever jam was on!

I had previously arranged for breakfast to be delivered to the room because I figured everyone would be starving, so as the girls were taking turns getting ready, others had the chance to nosh and drink some mimosas (a morning of getting ready wouldn’t be complete without some bubbly)!

All photos from Sarelle Photos.

Lots of breakfast food and the girls getting mimosas
The girls maxin’ and relaxin’ and a sneak peek of my dress in the reflection
The moms getting primped
Hair time!

To make my side bun appear more full, I had bought some extensions for Priska to add on.  It made a world of a difference by giving the bun more weight and volume.  She did such an amazing job!


Cracking up with BM R and BM K

 Then, it was time to get made up with Kat–this would be the 3rd time I got my makeup done with her (first was last year for the e-shoot and then again in March for the wedding day makeup trial).  By this time, she knew exactly what would work for me and surprisingly told me I didn’t need to be airbrushed (something that I assumed most brides needed to get done).  She thought it would make me look too matte and take away my natural glow. 

I pretty much had a smile on my face all day

During this time, I had also opened the present and card that Mr. M had delivered to the room by GM Z.  I actually did this before getting the makeup done, which was VERY wise because the waterworks were seriously flowing when I read his card.

Reading the card from Mr. M

The message was very simple, but incredibly sweet.  It said;

I can’t wait to marry you today.  Like the chains of this bracelet, my love for you will never end.  I love you.

When I opened the gift, it was a white gold bracelet with infinity symbol chains (hence his note).

Beautiful infinity bracelet from Mr. M

Once we were all done with hair and makeup, the photographers headed down to the conference room where the boys were starting to get dressed.  We ladies had time to chill before they would come back to photograph me getting into my dress (squee!!!)

Next up, the guys get dressed and Mr. M opens his wedding morning gift and card from me :)

 Miss a recap?  Fret not!  Catch up below;

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