This Modern Love: Gifts for My Girls

This Modern Love: Gifts for My Girls

As the girls started arriving to the suite one by one, everything
started to feel more real and I was getting more and more excited. 
Particularly because I had really been looking forward to spending the next five hours getting ready with just the ladies and revealing the
wedding morning gift I decided to give each of them.

hadn’t previously mentioned anything about the gifts because I knew
some of the girls read my posts from time to time and I didn’t want to
ruin the surprise!  In addition to paying for everyone to get their hair
and makeup done (six BMs, one MOH and two moms) and ordering in breakfast and lunch for everyone, I had
also decided on customized robes for the girls and moms to wear while getting ready.  I wanted them to have something comfy and personalized to lounge around in, so I worked with the owner of The Flower Fairy Shop on Etsy.

She had a great sale going on at the time and she also offered a variety of colors.  I (of course) decided on teal colored robes for the girls, and instead of having “Bridesmaid” written on the back, I wanted each of their names written on the front in gold to make it more personal.  I also ordered a white robe for myself that said “Bride” on the back and my name on the front, written in teal font.

It was a huge hit with the girls and everyone looked ready to be pampered!

All photos by Sarelle Photos

Ladies looking gorg in their robes

My mom and MOH/sister sharing a moment in their robes

I absolutely LOVED mine!!

Did you consider custom robes as gifts for your girls?

Miss a recap?  Fret not!  Catch up below;

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