The Wedding Theme

The Wedding Theme

decision on our wedding “theme” wasn’t actually a planned one–it
all just kind of fell into place.  To start, I wanted to narrow down the
colors, since that would be the unifying factor for everything from the Save the Dates to wedding reception decor.  I asked FH for his opinion on this…and (unsurprisingly) he
looked at me like I had two heads.  He was all like “the last thing I
care about is a color scheme.  Just please don’t make it too girly.”
 LOL.  Clearly I should have expected that answer but I try to involve
him where ever possible since it is our wedding, after all.  I’m just lucky he didn’t suggest a Green Bay Packers themed wedding since he’s such a hardcore fan!


after thinking a bit more about non-girly colors that really
felt like “us”, a teal and champagne gold color scheme was decided.
 Then, in searching for potential wedding themes utilizing these colors, I came across peacock feathers.  And fell in LOVE.  Their
feathers are gorgeous with a number of jewel tones, including different
shades of blue, green, brown and gold.  I also have a thing for feathers
so I thought this would be perfect.  

The majestic peacock feather / Image via

However doing a search on Google
Images for “peacock themed weddings” turned up some…not so inspiring
results.  It seems that incorporating peacock feathers into a wedding
theme ranges from very understated to horrific and over-the-top.  So
with not a lot of inspiration to go by, I’ve had to wing it and kind of
make it up as I go along. I scoured Pinterest, Google and Etsy and found these images for inspiration;

Low centerpieces / Image via
Peacock Birdcage / Image via Etsy Shop Yes More Funk
Peacock & Pink Cymbidium Orchid Bouquet / Image via
Peacock and Calla Lily Bouquet / Image via
Bouts for Grooms / Image via Etsy Shop Serenditpity By Suzanne
My dream Cupcake Tower!  / Image via
Wedding Invites / Image via Etsy Shop Meant to be Sent

This tablescape was also my
inspiration (although the shads below aren’t exactly the teal and gold I’m looking for, it’s definitely close enough);

Teal and Gold Tablescape / Image via

And talk about perfect timing.  One day (shortly after finding the above tablescape) I was on Facebook and was targeted an ad for an event design company
called BBJ Linen–their website is pretty cool and allows you to
virtually create a tablescape using the many colors they have
available.  This image below is the one I created on their site and is
the closest thing to my vision I could find (teal napkins, chair ties and a champagne gold table runner);

My Virtual Tablescape (Teal and Gold) / Created on

had also gone to Jo-Ann fabric store and bought a few yards of fabric
in the colors I had in mind.  I am NOT crafty nor a DIY’er by any means but I
attempted to make little color swatch packets (below) as leave-behinds for each
of my vendors so they could understand the colors and vision (I gave one
to the florist, baker, wedding planner, etc.)

Color swatches I provided vendors / Personal Photo

So this theme is still a work in progress but I feel good about at least having some sort of direction–now hopefully all the pieces come together nicely the day of the wedding.  But that’s something to worry about another day!

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