Staying Organized Through the Planning Process

As all you brides & grooms-to-be know, wedding planning can get extremely overwhelming at times. There are SO many things to consider, so much information to absorb and so many forms of inspiration that it’s often really easy to lose sight of your vision and what you and your partner really want most out of your big day (besides marrying the love of your life of course!)

So here are some tips on staying as organized and focused throughout the process as possible;

Think about what you and your partner are most passionate about or have in common and how these things can be incorporated into your big day.  
Do you love to travel?  Are you big foodies?  Obsessed with video games?  Music?  The color blue?  Of course not every wedding needs to be themed, but thinking of things that are meaningful to you guys and figuring out how to incorporate these ideas into the wedding will give you some focus/direction in your vision and will let your personalities shine through.  

Couple showing their love of Mario Bros!
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List making should become a new hobby.  
I tend to get a bit OCD when it comes to making lists (I make a list for everything.  EVERYTHING.) but I believe it’s one of the things that has kept me sane and focused in this wedding planning process.  However you prefer making your lists, find what’s best for you and stick with it.  I love Google because not only is it a great search tool but I really like how much of a one-stop shop it is.  If you have a Google account for any of their products, one login gives you access to Gmail, Google+, Picasa, Blogger and the best part, Drive, Google’s cloud based storage program.  Here you can access Google Docs which are very basic versions of Microsoft Office products.  I use this to make excel charts and word documents comparing vendors side by side (FYI, I still have these templates and am more than happy to share with anyone who needs it!), making lists of upcoming tasks and more.

Keep track of all physical copies of signed contracts in your wedding binder.
Or if you prefer to keep things digital since a lot of your vendor communication will most likely happen via email in this day and age,  create a folder on your computer for your contracts AND backup the files on a Cloud based service (like Google Drive).  You’ll thank me later when you don’t have to frantically search for the most recent versions of your contracts!

Don’t be afraid to create multiple boards on Pinterest to keep track of your ideas/inspiration.  I will delve deeper into my love for Pinterest in the next post but in the meantime, if you only have 1 Pinterest board for all things wedding, I recommend breaking this out and creating boards by subject.  For example, I have boards for wedding looks, flowers, ceremony & reception decor, bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses, groom style and much more. Here’s another tip–we had FH’s iPad during all of our vendor meetings so I logged into my Pinterest account when we met with the florist to show her the types of centerpieces and bouquets I liked best. She really understood my vision and we were able to come up with ideas right there. 

More of my various wedding boards on Pinterest

My last piece of advice–if there are times you find yourself just completely overwhelmed with all things wedding, close your laptop/bridal magazine/wedding binder, take a step back, breathe, and go do something, anything else you enjoy. Eat a piece (or bar) of chocolate, catch up on Scandal or The Walking Dead, go to zumba, skype with your bestie, cook an amazing meal, go shopping. 

Regardless of what you do, step away from the computer and avoid the overwhelming urge to get your Pin on ;)

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