Registry Gifts Received (So Far)

Registry Gifts Received (So Far)

With our wedding less than 40 days away (holy crap), it’s felt like Christmas over at the Mongoose house for the past two months!  We’ve gotten boxes full of awesome registry gifts that have been sitting in the kitchen for awhile.  So this past weekend, we decided to do some spring cleaning around the apartment–which meant getting rid of house stuff we no longer want/use (for example, tons of old glassware that we’ll be donating to the Salvation Army) and making room for all of our new fun presents.

The biggest surprises in terms of registry gifts (so far) have been the big ticket items that we were convinced no one would get us.  Turns out we were wrong!  In no particular order, here they are.

Wusthof makes the most amazing knives, and this is a set we’ve wanted for years!  Courtesy of Groomsmen K and his fiancee / Image via Amazon
This Cuisinart Juicer was a last minute addition to the registry, as we decided we’d like to start juicing (drinks, that is)  This gift was courtesy of my cousin and her husband who can’t make it to the wedding / Image via Amazon
dreams of owning a KitchenAid Mixer have FINALLY come true, courtesy of
Mr. M’s aunt and uncle.  How gorg is the color?? / Image via Amazon

Some other gifts we were SUPER excited to receive (and have started to use!) are;

This automatic wine chiller cools down bottles or cans in 3 minutes.  It
works like a charm!  Courtesy of two of my cousins / Image via Bed Bath and Beyond
Beautiful stemless Lenox wine glasses (white wine) which have now replaced our fragile Ikea glasses, courtesy of Bridesmaid K / Image via Macy’s
Another set of awesome stemless Lenox wine glasses (red wine), courtesy of my mom’s cousin / Image via Macy’s
We received two sets of these fabulous Mikasa champagne flutes, courtesy of Groomsmen B.B. and his wife.  This was immediately added to the registry when Mr. M and I realized that we didn’t own any champagne glasses / Image via Macy’s
AMAZING set of Charter Club 400 TC Sheets (in Wheat).  We’ve owned sheets that were 800 – 1000 TC and they absolutely do not compare to how soft and comfortable these sheets are.  I highly recommend adding to your registry if you are looking for a great sheet set!  This was courtesy of an aunt and uncle who can’t make it to the wedding / Image via Macy’s
Two sets of great Charter Club Damaks Stripe 500 TC Sheets (in Seaglass and Palmetto).  The color of each set is beautiful and the sheets have gotten softer with every wash.  Each set was courtesy of my dad’s cousins / Image via Macy’s

We still have a decent amount of items currently available on our registry, but as I mentioned in my previous registry post, there just isn’t that much else that we need.  And I think we may start running out of items within the next month.

What have you guys done in that situation?  Did you keep adding things (even items you didn’t need) to ensure you have enough options for your guests?  Or did you have an alternative solution?  We’ve already included a charity registry as an option but no one has donated yet.

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