Hair and Makeup Trial Reveal! (Part 1)

Hair and Makeup Trial Reveal! (Part 1)

Aahhhhh, to have your hair and makeup professionally done every day…what girl wouldn’t want this kind of pampering??  Sadly I’m neither a rock star nor a gazillionaire so I’ll just have to settle for getting beautified on this one special day in May :)

While up in Montreal this past weekend, it made sense to schedule my hair and makeup trial at this time to determine the looks for the big day.  As I mentioned in a previous post, my “hair-spiration” was a fabulous Tyra Banks updo and for makeup, some kind of semi-smokey eye look.  Ladies, do yourself a favor and make sure to schedule a trial before your big day–the last thing you want is to be (unpleasantly) surprised the morning of the wedding because you hadn’t previously given your looks a test run.

My trial started with makeup first–and I even remembered to take a few “before” pics specifically for the blog;

*All photos are personal unless otherwise noted

No makeup in either pic as I’m sure you can tell

The fabulous Kat from Kat & Lea Artistes Maquilleurs (translates to Kat & Lea Makeup Artists for you non-French speakers out there) started with a natural foundation base by blending two colors I had (one from MAC, one from Sephora, both slightly different shades).  For the eyes, she toned down the smokeyness and used a slightly darker color on my outer lids and a lighter color on the inner part.  For my cheeks, the blush she used had a slightly pink hue (something I’ve never done before and surprisingly worked well on my skin tone!) and lastly for lips, used a slightly coral/pinkish shade.  And voila!  The idea was to go for a look that highlighted certain features but didn’t look too heavily made up;

I absolutely love the makeup (if you couldn’t tell by the huge smile on my face!)

Next up, the hair style reveal!

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