Groom Style

Groom Style

5 month reminder email from TheKnot / Image via

My email inbox was flooded the past few weeks with reminders from TheKnot, Martha Stewart Weddings AND reminding me that 1) I’ve got about 5 months to go until the big day and 2) It’s time to pick out the men’s formal wear.  Now being the OCD planner that I am, I had already started discussing formal wear with FH over a month ago.  When I first brought it up though, I was very surprised by FH’s response.  I had naturally assumed that I’d have a hand in picking what he and the groomsmen would wear.  In another wedding-related move that had caught me off guard, not only does FH want to buy his suit and get it custom made but he also didn’t want me tagging along to the tailor’s to pick out his suit materials and get fitted.  He’s like “If I can’t see what you’re wearing until the wedding day, then you shouldn’t be able to see what I’m wearing either!”  And you know what?  I really respect that he’s so keen on doing this himself.  I had once again (incorrectly) assumed that this was a detail where he wouldn’t take the initiative. 

FH has a pretty decent sense of style, and even more so when it comes to formal wear so I wasn’t too freaked out by this.  I did however share with him some images I pinned on the Pinterest board I created dedicated to all things groom (I obviously created this well before I was told to butt out).  He checked out some of the styles I found as a reference point, but ultimately he is making his own decisions.  Because our wedding is formal and the bridesmaids will be in gowns, the only criteria I asked him to stick to was that his tux and the guys’ tuxes be formal and that the guys integrate teal somehow within their outfits to match the bridesmaids’ dresses (whether that be teal ties and/or teal pocket squares).  Here are some of the suits I sent him for inspiration;

Sleek Suit / Image via Bridal Musing’s Pinterest page
Image via
Various Bond tuxes.  Yum. / Image via
FH actually really likes Mario Lopez’ wedding tux / Image via

 FH’s brother was in town last month, so he took him
and another groomsmen to the local tailor shop to talk about the tuxes
and figure out styles.  He has to go back to get measured since his suit
will be custom, but he already picked out the suits that the
groomsmen will be renting.  Also, he’s not a fan of bow ties so I think he’s going the skinny tie route.

What about your groom?  Do you have to dress him up or is he adamant about picking out his own style?

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