FAQ – Questions to ask a Wedding Planner

Why should I hire This Modern Love Events as my Wedding Planner?

Instead of me telling you how awesome I am (because I am pretty awesome!), I highly recommend you take a look at what my clients have to say about me.  A common sentiment in my five star reviews from my clients is how friendly, patient and extremely helpful I was to each and every one of them during the time we worked together on their wedding.  I also pride myself on my knowledge of wedding tech (a.k.a anything technology based that makes planning your wedding much easier) and providing you with tools and advice on how to use certain modern wedding apps and devices to help make your wedding planning and wedding day even more spectacular (hence my company name, This Modern Love Events!)

As a wedding planner, the service I provide for you is not tangible, at least not in the same sense as your photographer, florist, venue who all provide you with physical products.  What I am providing you with first and foremost, is peace of mind, expert advice and guidance, and stepping in to the role of your advocate and “director” on your actual wedding day.  Before your big day, I spend countless hours working on your wedding day and will play many, many different roles.  As your full service wedding planner, I help you and your fiance(e) stay organized through the complicated process of wedding planning.  I find you the best, most professional and reliable wedding vendors that fit your wedding style and needs.

Additionally, the wedding planning process can be challenging and frustrating at times, but it can also be fun and exciting!  As someone who is in the process of planning their wedding, it’s all you probably want to talk about and when you feel like you can no longer keep gushing about all your wedding day plans with your friends and family (whether because you have some things you’d like to keep a surprise, or if they are getting sick of hearing about it!), I will be here to listen to anything you’d like to discuss, from etiquette questions to anything personal going on with bridal party members or family.   To ensure that every couple we work with receives our undivided attention and highest level of service, we have extremely limited availability and only work on 12-15 weddings each year.


What is your wedding planning style?

My approach to working with my clients is collaborative and consultative.  What this means is that I will never just step in and take over every wedding decision that you want to make.  Many people have a misconception of what a wedding planner does, and I’ve heard people assume that a wedding planner just comes in and makes all of the decisions for you.  Unless this is something you specifically want (and it’s very rare to find a couple who wants to be completely hands off, as most couples want some say in their wedding planning decisions!), I love to work with you and your fiancé(e) as a team.  I love finding the perfect wedding vendors for you, helping you stay organized in the midst of the hundreds of wedding planning tasks that you’ll have, while also being here to give you advice on any questions you may have.   I’m here to help make your life easier by saving you time and potential stress in dealing with many aspects of your wedding planning journey.


What type of couples do you prefer to work with?

My favorite clients to work with are the ones who are friendly, positive and most importantly, in love with each other and excited for their wedding day!  I gravitate towards couples who are not only kind and respectful to those who will be working with them as part of their wedding team, but show a mutual respect and kindness for one another as well.  In other words, Bridezillas and Groomzillas need not inquire ;)


Is there a minimum total wedding budget a couple should have in order to book your services?

While we do not require our clients to have a minimum wedding budget, our average couples are investing $50K – $100K on their weddings.  This does not mean we cannot work with couples who have budgets slightly outside of this range–we are happy to discuss with you what best suits your specific wedding planning needs!


What is the benefit of booking your Full Planning service?

Our Full Planning service is absolutely perfect for couples who have very busy careers/lives or couples who simply have no idea where to start when it comes to planning the most extravagant party of your life.  While the investment for our Full Planning service is our top tier offering, this is where you will get the biggest benefit from our knowledge, relationships and experiences within the time consuming process known as wedding planning.  We absolutely LOVE working with clients from the very beginning for a number of reasons. Not only do we get to know the ins and outs of your wedding day plans and vision from the onset but most importantly, we will be there from the very beginning to help vet every single wedding vendor you plan to hire for your wedding dream team.


What is the benefit of booking your Month-of Coordination service?

If you are a couple who feels like they have a good grasp on the wedding planning process (meaning you are a rock star organizer, have been finding and hiring amazing wedding vendors and know you’ll be able to complete the majority of your ever growing to-do wedding checklist) but want to actually enjoy your wedding day and not worry or stress about a single detail, then Month-of Coordination is just perfect for you!  30 days before your wedding day, we begin coordinating with each and every one of your vendors with whom you’ve signed a contract with.  During this process, we also create your customized wedding day timeline which is extremely detailed (down to 1 minute increments at some parts).  Whether it’s the florist, DJ/band, hair and makeup artists, venue manager, etc.—we work with each of them to determine the schedule for the wedding day.  We also include a ceremony rehearsal the day before to make sure everyone, from the two of you to your bridal party members, parents, grandparents and anyone else with a special role in your ceremony, knows where to be and what to do on the wedding day.

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