“I asked Martine for a consultation immediately after returning from being engaged overseas and am so happy I did. Although I was quite comfortable with the thought of orchestrating the logistics involved behind my destination wedding given my long background in professional event management, I was out of my comfort zone when it came to understanding the tips, tricks, and tools needed to put on such a personal and important occasion. Enter Martine. My husband and I had originally hired Martine for her “digital planning” package to have access to forms and spreadsheets to help us structure the planning process. As the months passed, we found ourselves turning to Martine for sound advice on topics ranging from etiquette to detailed logistics.

Six months before our wedding in downtown Chicago, we realized that our wedding day would go much more smoothly if Martine were our month and day-of coordinator. We were right; she stepped in to help in a hands-on way for the month leading up to our big day. It was especially helpful to have her be the main point of contact with vendors and to meet with us in person each month to go through our lengthy lists of questions. Martine is a rock star. She has a contagious laugh, is a pleasure to work with, and impressed me with her professionalism and positive attitude. Despite a few roadblocks that came with planning a wedding in Chicago while we were in Connecticut, she was our go to person who always had a helpful piece of advice to shepherd us along the way. We absolutely loved our wedding day and were able to enjoy it knowing that Martine was there to liaise with our vendors, check in on logistics, and deal with any issues that arose – allowing me to be the happy bride instead of an events manager! – Sharon B. (married in Chicago, IL)

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“We are so delighted to have found Martine as a month-of coordinator. She’s super organized, very on top of deadlines, friendly, and all of our vendors raved about her. They loved working with her as much as we did. Martine did a lot of research and found the vendor for our rentals (linens, etc.), which was a huge thing off of our plate and so so helpful. There were quite a few times where I’d overlooked something or hadn’t thought it all the way through, and Martine took my idea and made it better and more guest & vendor friendly. It was so helpful and needed.

Plus, we had a last minute crisis with the catering company (they had not hired staff) and Martine graciously negotiated the price and handled the deal with the catering manager, which was something she did not have to do. She put together an incredibly detailed timeline of both the wedding day and the days leading up to it, which was helpful to us, the vendors and the wedding party. If you are looking for someone who is super organized, extremely knowledgeable about weddings, and easy to work with, Martine is your woman! If you want someone who will be a bride or groom-zilla on your behalf, look elsewhere. She’s just too nice! Everything we didn’t know to think of, Martine thought of. We can’t say enough good things about her. We love her so much, that we invited her to our rehearsal dinner!! We highly recommend her and our day was seamless, enjoyable and effortless because she was around.” – Lauren S. (married in Washington, CT)


New Haven, Connecticut Lighthouse Point Park Wedding“Martine is the BEST. We really cannot recommend her highly enough. I was initially skeptical of the wedding planner thing, but I have to say that every meeting we had with her she thought of something that we had not or suggested a fix to a problem that we never would have thought of. It was crucial to have her input throughout the process. Also, setting up meetings with her was a great way to keep ourselves on schedule. I almost feel like I need to have two reviews here though because, while her services were valuable during the long-term planning and in the months leading up to the wedding, her help in the last few weeks before the wedding and her day-of services were a whole other level of awesomeness.

She is like a machine! She kept track of so many details and was four steps ahead of everyone and everything. Our actual wedding day went off without any problems, and I really believe it was primarily due to Martine’s help and guidance on the day of. We were able to just sit back and experience the day. It’s like having a genie on hand that you can just ask to go deal with some problem that’s developing or some scheduling issue that has arisen. Really great stuff. I should add in all of this that Martine’s really a pleasure to work with. She’s not overbearing or crazy, even when she’s organizing and directing all this stuff. That being said, she was also willing to play bad cop with vendors when necessary, which I am thankful for because I am not super good at that. But with us, we always felt like she was on our team – or maybe a calm and wise coach for our team. We really highly recommend Martine for whatever wedding or event you need help with. She is the real deal.” – Steven K. (married in New Haven, CT)


View More:“Choosing to work with Martine at This Modern Love Events was one of the best decisions that we made during the whole wedding planning process! From the very first consultation meeting we could tell that she was the right planner for us, and so we hired her on the spot. We chose the “Month Of / Day Of” planning services, which was so helpful as we came down to the most stressful part of the planning process – trying to pull all the final pieces together. I am so glad that we chose to work with TML for the full month of the wedding as it really gave us a chance to get to know Martine and to feel confident that everything was in place ahead of time.

We really cannot say enough about Martine. She is very professional while still keeping it all fun, and she is extremely patient! No matter how many times I changed my mind or put off a decision until the last minute she was always calm and supportive, which helped me to keep my anxiety in check. Her expert advice along the way helped us to make some of the most difficult last minute decisions. She definitely went above and beyond our expectations a number of times.

Most importantly, working with This Modern Love allowed my husband and me to feel confident before our wedding weekend and to enjoy a stress-free wedding day. TML was crucial in the days before our wedding coordinating the vendor services. The help that Martine and her assistant offered during the set-up, the rehearsal, and the day-of was invaluable.

We had initially been on the fence about whether or not we needed to use a coordinator or if we could just handle things ourselves, and after my experience I cannot imagine any other way. Choosing to work with This Modern Love was a great investment and we wholeheartedly recommend their services!” – Elizabeth B. (married in Branford, CT)


Photo 3“After I got engaged, This Modern Love Events was the first vendor that we hired and Martine was THE best decision we made! She guided me through the whole wedding process and kept me SO organized! One of the many things that I greatly appreciated was how Martine really took the time to get to know me and my now husband as a couple and expressed genuine interest and enthusiasm about our wedding. With her getting to know us as a couple, I knew without a doubt that she would help us make our vision come to life. She is so organized, so professional, super responsive, a good listener, has great suggestions/recommendations and is super personable. I would go to her super overwhelmed with flower choices, music choices, décor options, wedding ceremony questions, etc and I knew that every time I met with her, she’d make me feel so much better, would help me get organized and would help with making decisions.

She also has great ideas on how to give your event a more modern spin – suggesting apps for guests to download, Hashtag suggestions/including a hashtag around the wedding so guests knew to include that when posting pictures! Overall, Martine really exceeded our expectations and she was really the best investment we made for the wedding. I cannot say enough great things about Martine and her company. If you hire her I promise you will not be let down and you will actually get to enjoy your special day instead of stressing over it.” – Amanda M. (married in St. Augustine, Florida)


Photo 4“Martine from This Modern Love Events was amazing! I needed help planning a destination wedding in NYC from across the country. She was able to find me the perfect wedding venue and coordinated all events for the weekend. Everything was absolutely perfect on my wedding day. Martine is very professional, friendly, reliable and talented. She has a great eye for detail and took all my needs into consideration. I could not have pulled off the wedding without her!” – Meera K. (married in Manhattan, NY)

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