Bridal Undergarments…Vavavoom!!

Bridal Undergarments…Vavavoom!!

So I’m not going to lie–I was actually a tad disappointed when I learned at my first fitting that I didn’t need to wear a bra with my dress.  I had already done hours of research trying to find the perfect undergarment and learned all sorts of things about bridal shape wear.  At my most recent fitting, the seamstress just ended up sewing cups into the dress.  Practical? Yes.  But boring!!!!

If I did have to purchase something for under the dress, here are the ones I would have considered.

FYI some of these images may be a tad bit NSFW so view with caution!

Dominique Embroidered Lace Torsolette / Image via Classic ShapeWear
Agent Provocateur Kate Corset / Image via Agent Provocateur
Bare Necessities long-line underwire bra / Image via The Knot
Dominique long-line smooth strapless bra / Image via The Knot

 Now as for something I can potentially purchase–I’m currently searching for some sexy yet comfortable black underwear.  And I’m not talking Agent Provocateur sexy–there’s no way I can justify spending $200 for a single pair of undies.  I heard the brand Hanky Panky makes cute ones but I’m also looking for something preferably made from cotton.  Oh and no thongs!  This booty needs full coverage (even under a ball gown).

Will you be wearing bridal shapewear?  Also, do you have any recommendations for cute inexpensive undies?

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